As one of the industry’s first sensory research providers, we know that ensuring panel quality is essential to producing accurate research results.

Whether you need your own on-site panel, a panel at our location designed for you, or a panel that you can use as needed, we offer flexible panel solutions to align with your sensory research needs.

And, all panels are screened, trained and managed with our scrupulous attention to the scientific principles of sensory research.

Training & Quality


1.  Panelists are carefully selected and screened to ensure high levels of sensory acuity and articulacy.
2.  Our descriptive panel is trained with protocol and lexicon instruction, utilizing terminology that is precise.
3.  We employ standard rating scales for intensity and standards for clarification of descriptors.
4.  Panelists are consistently monitored – individually and as a group – to ensure consistency and repeatability.

ISR Panels


We maintain our own descriptive and discrimination panels for your convenience and ease in scheduling. Our panels work regularly across a variety of industries. This ensures that they have exposure to a broad array of tastes, scents and textures and can therefore accurately assess and describe product characteristics.

Client Panels

Recruiting and maintaining your own panel is an investment. Whether you are creating a new panel or directing an existing one, ISR will manage the tasks of screening, training, monitoring, and maintaining your panel, at your facility or at ours.

And, your panels will be screened, trained and managed with our signature, scrupulous attention to detail.

We also offer sensory training to help executives more fully understand their sensory data and how to optimize their sensory research.

Custom Panels

We know that not every need can be anticipated, and many needs require a discussion in order to identify the best way to proceed.  We welcome an opportunity to provide a sensory consultation…to understand your goals and suggest custom sensory solutions tailored to your business needs.