Global Sensory Solutions

Sometimes it can seem like a very small world (such as when you run into a high school friend at an airport on the other side of the country!).  Other times (for example, international sensory research), the world can seem overwhelming and complicated.  Fortunately, international sensory research just got a little easier with our Global Sensory Solution.

The ISR Global Sensory Solution provides a single-point-of-contact for a complete sensory research solution across four continents.

Leveraging our network of ISR-certified sensory research agencies, ISR develops and manages your entire sensory research project:

  • one cohesive sensory research report
  • standardized panel management including lexicon creation and training
  • state-of-the-art sensory research facilities

Locations include:

  • Harrison, New York
  • Shanghai, China
  • Sao Palo, Brazil
  • Paris, France

The world is a surprising and amazing place.  Let’s take your sensory research global.

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