Finger Foods for Dementia Patients

We couldn’t resist sharing this up and coming food fav.¬† From, the latest trend in dementia dining is healthy finger food.¬† ¬†Watermark Retirement Communities (Tucson, AZ) has launched Thrive Dining, an approach created by two Atlanta chefs which grinds entrees and turns them into attractive food that residents can eat by hand.

This is the Thrive Dining version of beef Wellington. The meat is formed into cupcakes and topped with mashed potatoes.


Tasters at the Watermark could compare the original dishes (back row) with the finger-food versions (front). Left to right are French toast with sausage, beef Wellington and cheesesteak.

Fingers or forks, these options look delish and we’re looking forward to the food industry picking up on this trend! (Pun intended!)

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