Understanding Supertasters

Here’s an interesting article about supertasters and how their preferences in other food categories could be used to help them choose wines. While it’s truly a fun marketing approach – who wouldn’t want to discuss chocolate and coffee preferences over a glass of wine đŸ˜‰ – we definitely would like to further explore this idea with some sensory research.

First up, we’d love to see further analysis on this subject matter with specific regard to demographics.  For example, we know that only about 25% of Caucasians are supertasters, and we actually do not have definitive data on other ethnicities and races in terms of supertasting abilities.

Further, we also know that about 25% of people are influenced by taste, but many more are influenced by social behavior and food trends.  That’s why scientific sensory research is so helpful with ingredient and manufacturing changes, because it isolates the taste variable and removes the impact of social behaviors.  On the other hand, understanding the many factors that go into brand selection is the purview of our sister company, Blueberry, whose focus on consumer sensory research can incorporate both the social and the physical aspects of the product selection. 

Another area of further investigation would be how the consumers’ age impacts brand selection.  Millennials, in particular, often are not loyal to brands, but rather are highly influenced by peers.

Sensory science aside, perhaps a winery tour is needed…you know, for research purposes!

Should brands be marketing to supertasters?

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