Category Appraisal: the Basics

Need to know how your product stacks up against the competition and why one product is preferred over another? Category appraisal can answer those questions.

Category Appraisal combines consumer product testing with detailed product characteristics from our descriptive panel.

It’s useful when consumers can tell us what they like or don’t like, but cannot articulate enough detail to guide product development.

Here’s how a typical Category Appraisal works:

At the end of the project:

  1. the products are benchmarked
  2. attributes that drive product liking are identified
  3. the sensory space is mapped
  4. market gaps are discovered
  5. product development guidance is provided

Here’s an example of how it worked for Happy’s Blueberry Nut Cereal:

Category Appraisal can be used for ALL product categories.

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