Looking for more from your Sensory Panels?

You’re probably familiar with our standing descriptive and discrimination panels (if not, click here), but did you know that we also offer semi-trained consumer panels and in-context panels? Lately, these panels are very much in demand as manufacturers seek deeper insights into product usage and experiences.

Here’s the 101 on these panels:

In-context Sensory Panels

  • These are sensory acute and articulate panelists
  • The ISR panel encompasses 20 panel members with a minimum of seven years’ experience
  • Trained to objectively evaluate attribute intensities without judging the product on liking (as opposed to consumer tests)
  • Able to complete sensory evaluations in context
  • Useful for receiving technical feedback as well as experiential feedback

Semi-trained Consumer Panels

  • These are high users of the category
  • Trained with protocol and lexicon instruction, utilizing terminology that is precise
  • Able to complete sensory evaluations in the lab or in context
  • Useful for obtaining emotional and experiential feedback and product guidance.

And for those companies who prefer to leverage their own sensory panels, we offer client-site panel recruiting, training, management and auditing services.  You can learn more here or just contact us!

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