It’s clear…the tide is turning in laundry.

How do color and fragrance attributes influence the perception of an efficacious laundry detergent? We recently explored this by combining consumer qualitative and quantitative research methodologies with flash profiling conducted by a trained descriptive panel. The results are illustrated in our Pangborn 2019 poster.


Consumers perceive a clear, moderately fragranced high tech laundry detergent to be more efficacious in cleaning laundry.

Fragrance, color, and trust in technology effect consumers’ purchasing decision of a laundry detergent. Consumers believe that clear laundry detergent with clearly labeled technology on packaging is more effective in cleaning laundry than saturated color detergent. The addition of fragrance to a clear detergent increases efficacy perception but a too low or too high fragranced detergent is perceived to be less efficacious.

Future research is needed to further explore the interaction of other sensory cues that affect the perception of efficacy.

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