Flash Profiling: The Basics

Need to quickly understand the whole product set in your category? We use Flash Profiling to answer this question.

Flash Profiling is a fast analysis tool for understanding the relative positioning of products and to get a perceptual map of the product spaces.

We use our trained sensory panel to evaluate the product. All the products are presented together and panelists create their own attributes.

At the end of the project, you will know the positions of products according to their major sensory differences and you will have a visual map of the product spaces.

Here’s what a Flash Profile Map looks like:

Flash Profile of Medicinal Oil

Benefits of Flash Profiling

  • Language development for descriptive analysis
  • Screening tool for product selection
  • A sensory base for a preference mapping study
  • Enhances the value of in-house and round-table tasting

Uses of Flash Profiling

  • Short shelf-life products
  • Projects with one-shot evaluation
  • Children’s panels

Flash Profiling can be used for ALL product categories.

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