Sensory Research in Action: Descriptive Analysis of Medicinal Oil

Our client wanted to determine whether any sensory differences exist between the Control and Test samples of their Medicinal oil. The test sample utilized a masker to address an off-note in the Control.

What We Did

We utilized Descriptive Analysis and our panel of trained sensory experts, each with 7-10 years of experience to analyze the two products.

A lexicon was created based on the Control and the Test sample with masker. A lexicon is the language that is typically used to describe the product’s attributes.

The Panel was then trained on the selected attributes. Upon completion of the training, the panel evaluated the Control and Test samples in 2 replications. Individual panel scores were collected online and a t-test analysis was performed at 95% confidence level.

What We Learned

The Masking agent did have an impact on the overall Flavor and on the Skunky notes of the Test samples. The Test Sample with the masking agent was found to have less Overall Flavor Intensity, with less Skunky aroma and flavor; and slightly higher Astringency and bitter aftertaste.

View the complete case study here.

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