Solutions for Companies with Their Own Panels

We’re a full-service sensory research firm with our own discrimination and descriptive panels, so you might be surprised to learn that many of our clients actually have their own sensory panels.  Client-site sensory panels are pretty common for larger manufacturers with ongoing R&D efforts.  If you have your own sensory panel or are contemplating creating one, you might be wondering how we fit in.  Here’s how our clients with their own sensory panels typically use us:

Project Overload:  With an active R&D team, there can be times when there are too many projects in the pipeline for the client-site sensory panel. Since it doesn’t always make sense to expand that panel, our clients use our sensory panel to fill in.  We’re agile and flexible, so we turn around projects quickly and we work within our client’s established protocols and lexicon requirements.

Protocol Development:  Sometimes clients have a new product or product category that needs to be evaluated but are unsure how to go about testing it.  With 20 years’ experience in sensory research, we leverage our protocol development expertise from adjacent or specialized categories to develop new protocols that appropriately measure these unique categories or product characteristics.

Lexicon Development: We’ve conducted lexicon development for food, beverage, personal care, household care, even fabric product categories.  Our proprietary lexicon development process is scientific while also being innovative.  We combine sensory principles with creative tools for a comprehensive language foundation. 

Panel Start-Up:  Moving offices, expanding R&D efforts, acquiring new product lines…our clients often need to create a new panel from scratch, but this initiative can seem daunting even for clients how manage several sensory panels.  We’ll start the process by meeting with the team, establishing protocols/goals and then recruiting, interviewing, and training the panel members.

Panel Auditing.  Like any measurement device, sensory panels sometimes need to be recalibrated.  We conduct panel auditing, so clients can be assured that their on-site panels are assessing products accurately and without bias.

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