Conducting Sensory Research in a Time of Social Distancing

Operations Update

We are operating as usual, although we are postponing all in-person research for the next few weeks as we await further information.

What Solutions are Available

While COVID-19 is new to all of us, conducting sensory research online and at home is not. Here are some of the sensory solutions available to you during this unprecedented time:

Shelf-life studies, sensory snapshots, experiential product assessments, descriptive analysis and even discrimination testing can be conducted at home by our trained sensory panel. In fact, they have extensive experience working remotely as well as on-site. We conduct protocol and lexicon instruction via video and then ship product to panelists.

We also serve as an add-on to your existing employee panel. So, if your panel is unable to conduct research or if you need help instructing panelists and getting them product, we can be your backroom support.

Let us help you achieve your insights goals. Please reach out.

Be well.

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