Key Takeaways on Virtual Sensory Research

It’s nearly two months into social distancing, and you may be wondering if virtual sensory research can work for you. 

Recently, we’ve conducted virtual research in several food and personal care product categories.  Our key takeaways are that virtual sensory research brings some interesting benefits on par with in-person sensory research.

Here they are:

Community. With online sessions conducted “Brady-bunch style”,  panelists can see and hear each other easily and in real-time. This sense of community prompts in-depth discussions and explorations, enhancing the sensory testing.

Collaborative. The round-table feel of online sessions also creates a collaborative environment with each panelist having time to share, so lexicon creation is more powerful.

Detailed. Sensory Panel Leaders plan out and then dive into the product details, enumerating all aspects of the test on screen.

Individualized. Particularly with semi-trained consumer panels, sensory testing is conducted in small groups, often 1 – 2 consumers per session, ensuring an individualized, personalized approach to the testing and allowing Sensory Panel Leaders to coach through the testing process.

Please contact us to discuss how we can structure virtual sensory research for your product.

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